Bushra Mir

Operations Organizer

Progress Toronto

Bushra Mir

Bushra is Operations Organizer at Progress Toronto. She has been involved in labour, community and social justice activism as a volunteer, educator, organizer and facilitator.

Bushra is committed to empowerment through education and engagement. In the past, she was a Project Director with Labour Education Centre, where she supported their community programming. Here, she also worked with unemployed, underemployed and employed workers to build their reading, writing and digital literacy skills. She also managed TradeLinx, a municipally funded community program aimed to target marginalized youth and provide them with training, mentorship, social supports and access to employment within the construction trades. Her work at TradeLinx also involved identifying and challenging the systemic policy barriers that continually disallowed the marginalized and underserved youth, in this city, equal access to opportunities and meaningful, steady employment.

She is passionate about adult education, social justice and capacity building; and brings those passions into her life and work.