1. Stop Christin Carmichael Greb

In Eglinton—Lawrence, our work is focused on what the local progressive campaign can’t do - we are making sure residents know that on October 22, they should not vote for Christin Carmichael Greb. We are delivering thousands of flyers in swing polls that tell voters why Carmichael Greb should not be re-elected.

“...trying to make everything work doesn’t always work so I felt it would be better for someone who had the time to do that job.” That’s how Carmichael Greb explained to the Toronto Star [1]  her decision to voluntarily resign from two key boards she sat on as part of her job as a Toronto City Councillor: the Toronto Board of Health and the Toronto Public Library Board.

Unfortunately, when Carmichael Greb does show up she often votes against making Toronto a better city.

Christin Carmichael Greb has voted to:


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2. Dyanoosh Youssefi

Progress Toronto is encouraging Eglinton—Lawrence residents to vote for Dyanoosh Youssefi. In 2014, Dyanoosh ran for city council and came very close to winning in Eglinton—Lawrence against Christin Carmichael Greb. This summer, Dyanoosh took on Doug Ford in court, joining the legal challenge to Bill 5. Dyanoosh is committed to expanding city services to meet the needs of her growing ward, building affordable housing, green spaces, and safe streets. Through Progress Toronto’s work to stop Ford’s cuts to city council, we built a strong list of progressive voters in Eglinton—Lawrence that we will be getting out to vote for Dyanoosh.

Dyanoosh needs your support!
Because of Ford, Dyanoosh’s team has to cover twice the ground in half the time. Please sign up to volunteer and donate directly to her campaign. Click the buttons below to help out!

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About Dyanoosh from her website: Dynanoosh is a proud Jewish-Iranian-Canadian.  She and her family escaped Iran and came to Canada in 1983, when she was 12. She was a lawyer, a legal studies professor, a writer, a social justice advocate, and a life-long volunteer.  Since a young age, she volunteered with many groups in the city: seniors, youth in custody, the homeless, people with mental health challenges, immigrants, and so on.

She is running because she believes that she must build a more inclusive, vibrant, equitable and sustainable city, and that we must do that through a long-term vision. She wants to make sure that as our city grows and add more condos, we don't lose sight of building community: we must simultaneously add the services that people need, particularly those for seniors and children, add green spaces and community centres, and most importantly, add rentals that are affordable to people of all backgrounds and income levels. She believes that mixed income neighbourhoods make for more vibrant cities and are also simply the right thing to do.

She also wants to ensure that we build the infrastructure that we have neglected for far too long: transit, bike lanes, and improved sewage systems.  These should be done simultaneously or ahead of building new developments. If we address the growing inequality in our city, and if we invest in our city's infrastructure, we will all lead healthier, more meaningful lives.

You can find out more about Dyanoosh at