1. Stop Giorgio Mammoliti

In Humber River-Black Creek, our work is focused on what the local progressive campaign can’t do - we are making sure residents know that on October 22, they should not vote for Giorgio Mammoliti. We are delivering thousands of flyers in swing polls that tell voters why Giorgio Mammoliti should not be re-elected.

Giorgio Mammoliti... where do we begin?

Mammoliti has called his constituents cockroaches [1], appears on ultra-right website Rebel Media [2], and is under active police investigation for a questionable land deal [3] in his ward. He has also taken $275,000 in personal loans from developers [4], and he brazenly benefitted from a fundraiser with lobbyists that netted him $80,000 for personal use [5] and was caught by the Integrity Commissioner for violating the Code of Conduct.[6]

All of this and Mammoliti has the worst attendance record on City Council; he doesn’t even show up for work half the time.[7]

When Mammoliti does show up he has one of the most regressive voting records on council. When Rob Ford was mayor, Mammoliti voted with Ford more than 90% of the time.[8]

Giorgio Mammoliti has voted to:

Having held public office for more than 30 years, Mammoliti is way past his best before date.


We need to raise $3,500 for our third party campaign to print flyers and make sure voters know about Mammoliti in Humber River—Black Creek. Can you chip in $15?



2. Taking on Mammoliti

With Ford’s undemocratic Bill 5 in place there are many races with candidates now running against each other — candidates who never intended to run in the same wards. This is the case in Humber River — Black Creek.

We have highlighted two candidates for you below. Please visit their websites to find out more about how you can support them and get involved with their campaigns.

Progress Toronto is getting the word out about Mammoliti to tens of thousands of voters to help stop support for Mammoliti. We are making space for a progressive candidate to introduce themselves and their vision to voters, so they don’t have to spend their time talking about Mammmoliti. We’ll take that on. Help us deliver flyers to residents in Humber River—Black Creek. Sign up here:



Tiffany Ford
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Tiffany Ford here:  

About Tiffany from her website: Tiffany Ford is deeply passionate about her community, supporting youth, and creating tangible differences that result in better opportunities for all.

Tiffany is a life-long resident of Ward 7. Attending all levels of schooling within the community, Tiffany gained her education at Firgrove Public School, Oakdale Park Middle School, and Westview Centennial Secondary School. Tiffany has a double honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Sociology from York University and is on track to gaining her MBA in 2019. She is a successful entrepreneur and has initiated multiple startups including her award-winning marketing and communications firm, Ford Publicity.

In 2016, Tiffany founded Beyond “at Risk”, a nonprofit dismantling reductive and harmful narratives about marginalized youth, and enhancing their skills through meaningful programming.

Recognized for both her community advocacy and her entrepreneurial accomplishments, Tiffany’s accolades include the Urban Hero Award (North York Mirror, 2015); Women of Distinction Award (Canadian National Exhibition Association, 2016); International Heritage Award (USAfrica Magazine, 2017); Heroes of Excellence Award (Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario, 2018); and more. Read More



Anthony Perruzza
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Anthony Perruzza here:   


About Anthony from his website: Anthony Perruzza was re-elected to Toronto City Council in 2014, where he has served since 2006, and is a member of Toronto’s North York Community Council, Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. He is also an Executive Member of the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and the DUKE Heights BIA. An experienced representative, Councillor Perruzza was a Trustee in the Metro Toronto Separate School Board (1985-88), a North York Councillor (1988-90), and a Member of Provincial Parliament (1990-95) for the Ontario NDP.

As the former Chair of the Spadina-Subway Extension Committee, Councillor Perruzza played an important role in the TTC subway extension to York University and beyond. Anthony Perruzza is an avid cyclist and the strongest promoter of cycling in the inner-suburbs. He has led the construction of multiple bicycle lanes in his ward and continues to advocate for bike and pedestrian safety. His dedication to pedestrian safety, after a fatality in his ward, helped develop the Active and Safe Routes to School, which is part of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.

An advocate for tenants, Anthony’s work at the Licensing Committee for over 8 years led to the creation of the MRAB program to audit unkept buildings... Read More


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