Supporting Progressive Candidates

In North Etobicoke, there is a candidate running for TDSB trustee whose name recently made headlines. He is a terrible choice for trustee.

However, unlike many of the villains we are working to unseat, this one has very low name recognition because he has never been elected and does not do work in the community. We will not use our website to give him a platform and boost his name recognition.

If you are interested in North Etobicoke — if you want to post about and talk about North Etobicoke — and you are looking for a candidate to support for TDSB trustee, we encourage you to look at Zakaria Abdulle and Ali Mohamed-Ali. They both have a strong record of community work and they are both committed to key progressive priorities.



Zakaria Abdulle
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Zakaria here:

About Zakaria from his website: I was born and raised in Etobicoke North, the son of an airplane pilot father turned chef and a mother who has worked for more than two decades as a local school bus driver. Parents who taught me the importance of hard work in service of others.

My wife and I grew up in Etobicoke North and also had our daughter, Niyyah, here too.

I’ve worked with many of you over the last few years and have heard your frustrations regarding the lack of advocacy to help improve our public schools.

It’s time to start Moving Hope Forward in our schools by bringing about change in our schools at the pace which we deserve.

With more than 10,000 of our youth living in poverty - our schools need to be more than just places of learning. If we are serious of using education as one way to create social mobility,  Parents and students have told me how we need to ensure our schools get the resources they need so our kids can compete in today’s global economy.

I believe the solutions lie in community partnerships between youth and parents, between nonprofits and the private sector. Most importantly, I believe the solutions have always been in our community of Etobicoke North.  From increasing community engagement opportunities, to advocating for more public spaces, to improve student achievement and nutrition programs for our children, we have an incredible network of leaders in Etobicoke North and we have community members already involved in making our community better. Read more.



Ali Mohamed-Ali
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Ali here:


About Ali from his website: Ali Mohamed-Ali has spent his work career and volunteer time tirelessly contributing to the Toronto public education system, enhancing accessibility for persons with disabilities and persons across the range of ethnocultural backgrounds and advancing social and economic justice causes.

Electing Ali as Public School Trustee for Etobicoke North will introduce an enthusiastic newcomer with fresh ideas, a history of filling volunteer roles within the TDSB and wide-ranging and deep knowledge of TDSB policies and processes.

Ali, as he has so often done over the past decade, will draw together and facilitate communication between parents, educators and the community, with the goal of all activities to be provision of the best possible education to each and every student within the Toronto public school system.  

Education Ali is a former student of the Toronto District School Board system

In 2004, Ali completed a Bachelor of Public Administration and Governance and in 2007, a Masters of Public Policy and Administration, from Ryerson University.

Public Education Involvement

TDSB Volunteer Involvement:

School Councils: Ali has served as school council co-chair at a range of Etobicoke North schools, amongst them Kingsview Village Junior School, Braeburn Junior School, The Elms Junior Middle School And The Boys Leadership Academy the latter the only boys school in the TDSB. Read more.