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Progress Toronto is encouraging TDSB Ward 19 residents to vote for first time candidate Samiya Abdi. Samiya is committed to making TDSB schools supportive and welcoming places for all students and communities. She will advocate for needs based funding, de-streaming, and healthy schools that are in a state of good repair. Progress Toronto is getting progressive voters in Scarborough-Guildwood out to vote for Samiya.

Samiya needs your support!
Because of Ford, Samiya’s team has to cover new ground in a new TDSB ward. Please sign up to volunteer and donate directly to her campaign. Click the buttons below to help out!

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About Samiya from her website: Hi, my name is Samiya Abdi and I am running to be your TDSB Trustee for Ward 19. I am a mother, a consultant, a public speaker, an educator and a community mobilizer who strategically fosters collaboration, connection and builds consensus to shift systems. I have over 15 years of creative community engagement experience focusing on education excellence and career diversity. I also hold a Masters in Public Health from Waterloo University and a Bachelor of Science from Ryerson University.

I believe every student deserves an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in a safe, equitable, inclusive environment that supports learning. Our kids deserve a strong public education system that is well resourced and that is responsive to the diverse needs among our students and communities.

My commitment as your Trustee is to ensure that our schools are excellent, supportive and welcoming places for all students to thrive. I strongly believe in schools as gathering places for knowledge and community hubs where learning across the life span takes place.

My leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, therefore I will be consistently engaging with you the parents, students, educators, administrators, staff and community members in TDSB Ward 19.

This election is a great opportunity for us to build an accountable and inclusive public education system.

I look forward to working together with you to provide the leadership that is so needed for a public education system that prepares our students for success in whatever field they choose.

The time is Now!

You can find out more about Samiya at