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Progress Toronto is encouraging TDSB Ward 9 residents to vote for first time candidate Stephanie Donaldson. Stephanie is committed to keeping our public schools open and maintained, with safe and equitable learning environments. She will be a strong advocate for public education and student rights in the face of Premier Ford. Through our work to stop Ford’s cuts to city council, Progress Toronto built a strong list of progressive voters in Davenport and Spadina-Fort York that we will be getting out to vote for Stephanie.

Stephanie needs your support!
Because of Ford, Stephanie’s team has to cover twice the ground in half the time. Please sign up to volunteer and donate directly to her campaign. Click the buttons below to help out!

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About Stephanie from her website: As a proud resident of downtown Toronto, and a mom to two young girls, Stephanie is committed to working together to make the Toronto District School Board a leader in equitable, inclusive, and high quality public education.

Stephanie has a long standing passion for public education - from her early days teaching English overseas, to working in the non-profit sector supporting youth employment, to her years of work in education policy, to the important role of TDSB parent. Stephanie has the right skills and experience to become Ward 9’s new Toronto District School Board Trustee.

Through her experience serving as co-chair of her daughters’ School Advisory Council, Stephanie deeply understands and values the perspective of parents and guardians. In her work on school council, she has advocated for greater equity and inclusion at the school level, pushed to increase parent engagement in student achievement, and planned and delivered school community building events.

Through her 10+ years working in policy within the Ontario Public Service, Stephanie has a keen understanding of how to get things done with government. As a Director, Stephanie led a policy team working at the intersection of labour relations and education policy to support a fair and balanced approach to safeguarding rights and supporting the achievement of all educators and students.

Through her non-profit work at a youth-focused community based training organization, she developed a passion for creating more employment opportunities and skill-building resources for young people. Stephanie believes in valuing student voice and respecting all of the pathways to success beyond secondary school. She is committed to working to ensure each student has full opportunity to chart their own path.

Through her years of organizing at the local level, Stephanie understands how to work within communities. Whether it is organizing families and residents to take action for a cause, re-designing a local public park, or advocating for a more liveable and affordable city - Stephanie leads with heart and a strong voice in the community. Stephanie also serves on the Board of Sistering, a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.

Stephanie and her family have called Dovercourt Village home for the past 11 years.

You can find out more about Stephanie at