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Progress Toronto is encouraging TDSB Ward 10 residents to vote for Chris Moise. Due to Ford’s changes to the ward boundaries, Chris is running in a new ward and we are helping to spread the word about him. This summer, Chris took Doug Ford to court as one of the appellants fighting Bill 5. As trustee he is committed to continue standing up to Doug Ford, to fight for a modern health curriculum that includes consent, online bullying, and gender diversity. Chris will fight for a safe, equitable, and progressive school system. Through our work to stop Ford’s cuts to city council, we built a strong list of progressive voters in in TDSB Ward 10 that we will be getting out to vote for Chris.

Chris needs your support!
Because of Ford, Chris’ team has to cover twice the ground in half the time. Please sign up to volunteer and donate directly to his campaign. Click the buttons below to help out!

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About Chris from his website: In the upcoming election on October 22, we will be called to elect a Toronto District School Board Trustee in our brand new ward of Toronto Centre, University-Rosedale.

We’ve made real progress, but there’s so much more to be done to keep our school system moving forward. We have to hit the ground running to enhance equity and provide a fix to the backlog of repairs, while providing an avenue for greater parent engagement. We are also leading the charge for more before and after school spots, the development of after school programming, and a vision zero policy that keeps kids safe.

I’m Chris Moise, and I’m running for re-election as TDSB Trustee, Ward 10.

I’m running because I have the proven leadership, elected experience, and community-building skills that will work to succeed.

I am a parent and teacher-trusted advocate who will stand up for students while the Provincial government tries to eliminate a sex-ed curriculum that teaches crucial policies like consent, online bullying and gender diversity. While the Premier's office is busy setting up “snitch lines” that aims to pit students against their teachers, I will work with both to ensure a safe learning environment; one that encourages a modern curriculum that is reflective of our community and our city.

And I’m running to build a school system that’s safe, equitable, progressive, and one that provides the best possible opportunities for students.

As your school board Trustee and former Vice Chair of the TDSB, I’ve stood up for and invested in our local schools, while working with families so our children and all our communities share in the opportunity for a brighter future, and I’ve delivered through projects like the new Jesse Ketchum Park.

As a former hospital healthcare worker and police officer, I’ve provided urgent treatment and assistance to vulnerable people in need, and I know first-hand how to work with all communities and first responders so that we increase our safety while fostering more equity and inclusion.

As a small business owner, I’ve experienced the challenges of running a local business, and know their importance to our community because I’ve seen how strong local businesses enhance our neighbourhoods.

As a resident of Ward 10 who lives near Ramsden Park, and as a former resident of Cabbagetown and the Village, I know how much we need diverse representation to accurately reflect and be the voice of our flourishing community.

I’m running to serve. I’m running because I care. And I’m running because I’m passionate about working to improve our schools and making life better for parents, teachers and students.

Join me – and together we can keep progressing forward.

Let’s lead the way together for a TDSB that works.

You can find out more about Chris at