1. Stop Frances Nunziata & Frank Di Giorgio

In York South-Weston, our work is focused on what the local progressive campaign can’t do - we are making sure residents know that on October 22, they should not vote for Frances Nunziata or Frank Di Giorgio. We are delivering thousands of flyers in swing polls that highlight both councillors and tell voters why Nunziata and Di Giorgio should not be re-elected.

Frances Nunziata and Frank Di Giorgio have been in office for more than 30 years, but the residents of York South—Weston haven’t seen improvements to services or opportunities. That’s likely because both Nunziata and Di Giorgio frequently vote against public services and programs that would help address inequities in York South—Weston.

Frances Nunziata and Frank Di Giorgio voted to:

And these are just some of their most troubling votes.

In 2011 and 2012, when Rob Ford was doing his worst to Toronto, Nunziata voted with him more than 95% of the time [8]. Since John Tory took over, Nunziata has voted with Tory more than 80% of the time [9]. Nunziata has also voted to stop the addition of hundreds of affordable child care spaces [10] and to cut 200 child care spaces [11]. Nunziata even voted against adding 264 childcare spaces [12] despite thousands on waiting lists and the provincial government picking up the tab.

Frank Di Giorgio was a key supporter of Rob Ford during his term in office, voting with him 87% of the time [6] and even serving as Ford’s budget chief. Now under John Tory, Di Giorgio votes with the mayor more than three-quarters of the time.[7] Di Giorgio was even one of just eight councillors to oppose increased funding for the student nutrition program [13] that ensures kids in need don’t go hungry at school.


We need to raise $2,000 for our third party campaign to print flyers and make sure voters know about Nunziata and Di Giorgio in York South—Weston. Can you chip in $15?



2. Taking on Nunziata & Di Giorgio

With Ford’s undemocratic Bill 5 in place there are many races with candidates now running against each other — candidates who never intended to run in the same wards. This is the case in York South—Weston.

We have highlighted two candidates for you below. Please visit their websites to find out more about how you can support them and get involved with their campaigns.

Progress Toronto is getting the word out about Nunziata & Di Giorgio to tens of thousands of voters to help stop support for them. We are making space for a progressive candidate to introduce themselves and their vision to voters, so they don’t have to spend their time talking about Nunziata & Di Giorgio. We’ll take that on. Help us deliver flyers to residents in York South—Weston. Sign up here:



Chiara Padovani
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Chiara here:  

About Chiara from her website: Chiara Padovani comes from a family of builders and trade unionists. Having immigrated from Italy to York South-Weston, her grandparents taught her the importance of being a hard worker and doer. She knows what it’s like to roll up her sleeves and get dirt under her fingernails. Her parents instilled in her what it is to be independent and resourceful, all while having a commitment to community.

Having grown up in Mount Dennis, Chiara witnessed firsthand the neglect and injustice that exist within its communities. The unfairness that she witnessed in her own community prompted her to study international development and led her to pursue a career in international human rights. After three years of fighting for human rights at the international level in Argentina, Chiara and Bruno decided to move back home to Toronto, to Weston, to continue to fight those same injustices at home. Currently, Chiara works as a social worker at North York Harvest Food Bank.

Chiara currently lives in Weston Village with her partner Bruno, and their cat Mishi. Read more



Lekan Olawoye
Find out more, donate, and volunteer with Lekan here:


About Lekan from his website: Lekan Olawoye is a proven leader who is deeply committed to the people of York South-Weston, the new Ward 5. He is passionate about working hard to make sure that the community gets what it needs to be a better place to live and that someone at city hall is finally working for you. Lekan is always working to improve his community.

From 2008-2015, he led For Youth Initiative (FYI) at Keele and Rogers Road. Lekan grew FYI into an organization serving 1,000 local youth each year. In 2014, Lekan ran for city council, receiving thousands of votes. Since then, he has continued to find ways to give back to the community.

He served as Co-Chair of The12: Ward 12 Community Alliance. Lekan organized information sessions as part of a pilot budget project in the Rustic neighbourhood. He helped homeowners and tenants contribute ideas for using City funds to better their community. He is now the Co-Chair of the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN). The TCBN is working to bring more jobs to our neighbourhoods. He has met with residents of the Co-Op on Queens Drive to discuss ways to improve their local neighbourhood. Read more