Erica Woods

Program and Operations Director

| Progress Toronto

Erica Woods

Erica Woods is the Program and Operations Director at Progress Toronto. It’s been 25 years since she handed out her first campaign leaflet and she has dedicated her career to making Toronto a better place to live. She believes that a city as prosperous as Toronto can make no reasonable excuses for leaving anyone behind.

As Communications Manager at the Greenbelt Foundation, Erica worked across the Greater Golden Horseshoe to build and deepen support for a permanently protected Greenbelt. In this capacity, Erica saw time and again the power of bringing together communities to achieve shared goals and the power that is created through coalition-building.

Previously, Erica worked for Councillor Paula Fletcher for four years at City Hall, and as Communications & Issues Director on Paula's successful 2014 & 2018 re-election campaigns, taking the opportunity to learn everything she could about building power at the local level and how to make change at City Hall. She has worked on electoral and issues-based campaigns across Toronto and wants above all for Toronto to become a more livable city for everyone.