Hamdi Jimale

Organizer | Progress Toronto

Hamdi Jimale

Hamdi Jimale is an Organizer with Progress Toronto. Hamdi is a student leader, disaster responder, and lifelong resident of Leslieville. 

Through her cross-sectoral experiences as the Director of Internal Affairs at the Toronto Youth Cabinet and disaster responder with the Canadian Red Cross, Hamdi discovered her passions for municipal affairs, conscious citizenship, and disaster resilience. Previously, Hamdi worked with Forum Research to support its data and coding operations. She is also a former fellow with the Muslim Youth Fellowship.

Hamdi was extremely active in research focusing on emotional processing and affective disorders. She is also the former President of UOIT’s student society, where she worked towards advancing equity and collaborative governance. Hamdi received various recognition due to her contributions to the non-profit sector, including UOIT's Human Rights Award and Social Planning Toronto's Frances Lankin Inspiring Leadership Award. 

Hamdi is pursuing her Masters of Public Policy at the University of Toronto, where she will continue to explore urban policy and city-building.