Next Action To Stop Ford


URGENT: Ford just shut down democratic debate on his reckless bill to slash Toronto city council —and could move it to a final vote in the legislature to ram it into law as early as this afternoon.

The only way to stop it now is with a last-minute flood of public pressure, bigger than this government has ever seen. 

If you live in a conservative riding, the most powerful thing you can do right now is call your local MPP to speak out about this abuse of power and demand they vote no.

If you don’t live in a conservative riding, the most powerful thing for you to do is call the Minister responsible for this file, Steve Clark (Municipal Affairs), and demand he do what he can to put the brakes on this reckless bill that goes against his promise to consult on major urban decisions.

But for this plan to work, we need to make an onslaught of calls today.

I live in a conservative riding and want to call my MPP

I don't live in a conservative riding and will call the Minister

We’ve got a super simple tool that makes it easy for thousands of us to call, and we’ve even included talking points to help you figure out what to say. It only takes a couple minutes. Call now before it’s too late.

I live in a conservative riding

I'll call Minister Steve Clark

Ford’s trying to ram his bill into law so he can meddle in our municipal election and make it easier to control Toronto over the next four years. He’s done it without warning or consultation, and now, shutting down fair democratic process to get what he wants.

But Ford’s been telling everyone that it’s all ok because "the people love it" and he's "never had a better response".[1]

Imagine how his MPPs will feel if they get flooded with phone calls from their own constituents demanding they take a stand against it. The fear of losing real local support could rattle them enough to make them listen. If you live in a conservative riding, click here to call your MPP now.

His Minister responsible for this bill ran on a platform of openness and accessibility, and should be concerned about how his government is handling this file.  

The day he was sworn in as Minister, he promised that: “No matter whether it involves a small rural community or big urban area, I will consult and be open minded to suggestions.”[2]  

Together we can make Clark live up to his promises. A flood of calls to Minister Clark could remind him that his legacy’s on the line, and convince him to do what he can to hit the brakes on helping Ford ram his bill through the legislature today. Call Minister Steve Clark now.

Ford could call a vote on the bill any moment now— as early as this afternoon. 

One of us acting on our own wouldn’t make a difference, but together we get results— and with the final vote happening any moment now, it’s time to ramp up the pressure.

But for our plan to work, we need everybody making calls to flood the phone lines of this new government. We’ve got a simple tool that will connect you directly to the Minister or your conservative MPP. Will you take 2 minutes to call?

If you live in a conservative riding, call your MPP:

If you don’t live a conservative riding, call Minister Clark: