Tell Mayor Tory To Stand Up To Ford


On Monday, Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council will be voting on whether or not to take Premier Ford to court to stop his reckless interference in Toronto's 2018 election. With your help we can win Monday's vote. 

Mayor Tory and City Council need to stand up to Doug Ford — to stand up for our city. The City of Toronto needs to take Premier Ford to court to stop this attack on Toronto. Click here to send an email to tell Mayor Tory and City Council to vote in favour of a legal challenge to Ford. We’ve made it easy for you!

Doug Ford’s Bill 5, which gerrymanders our wards and slashes City Council in half in the middle of an election, was just rushed through Queen’s Park by Ford’s majority government. And this Monday, Toronto City Council and Mayor Tory will be voting on what to do about it.

This unprecedented attack on Toronto must be stopped. Never before in our history has a government stepped into the middle of an election and changed the rules just weeks before voters go to the polls. We can't let Ford do this. 

We need Mayor Tory and City Council to stand up to Doug Ford — to stand up for Toronto. Tell Mayor Tory to vote in favour of a legal challenge and to help make sure a majority of city councillors do as well.

Everything is moving very quickly. In fact, the court dates are already set and others are challenging Ford in court. We need the City to be a part of this and Monday is our only chance. City Council meets on Monday August 20 and on Tuesday August 21 they need to be in court to formally add the City of Toronto to the legal challenge to Ford. The full court hearing is scheduled for Friday August 31. 

We have made emailing the Mayor easy for you. The email is written. You can edit it if you’d like and we’ve also got additional points you can copy and paste into your email. Then just add your name and click submit. You will be copied directly on the email to the Mayor. 

Click here to tell Mayor Tory to stand up to Doug Ford and vote to challenge Ford in court next week.

Our best chance of winning the legal case against Ford's undemocratic Bill 5 is if the Mayor and Councillors throw the full weight of the City of Toronto into this legal challenge. That's why we need to win the vote. If we can get thousands of people this weekend to take action we will win on Monday.

Send your email to Tory and then please share the action with friends and family:

Thank you for joining us in standing up to Ford!

P.S. Hundreds of people will also be at City Hall on Monday August 20 at 9:15am to show Mayor Tory and City Council that we want them to stand up to Doug Ford and vote for a legal challenge. Click here to let us know if you can make it Monday morning.