Vote Today!


Today, Progress Toronto volunteers are calling and texting to get out the vote for progressive candidates in key school board and city council races across the city.  You can see our full action plan here

We’ve been running a strong and effective grassroots campaign that mobilized hundreds of volunteers in swing polls across Toronto, focused on unseating some of Toronto’s worst councillors and getting a dozen progressive candidates elected to the school board and city council.

We will send a round up of all of our work after Election Day. For now, we want to make sure you have what you need to vote!

Vote before 8pm today!

Where to vote: 
Visit and enter your address. Under the where to vote section scroll down to Election Day to find your local polling location.

Identification to vote: 
The city requires one piece of identification showing  your name and address. They suggest a driver's licence, or an Ontario photo card, and many other options. You can see a full list of acceptable identification here. Note that your Voter Information Card (mailed by the city) cannot be use as ID.

You don't need to be registered to vote:
If you live in Toronto and are citizen over 18, you can vote in this election. You do not need to be on the voters list. Go to to find out where to vote and head over to the polls before 8pm.

This election is our chance to elect a school board and city council that will stand up to Doug Ford and in tight races across the city, every single vote counts!

Thank you for voting!

The Progress Toronto Team