We Won Today's Vote!

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This is a quick update to let you know some great news! Today we had a victory in our fight against Ford's attack on our city.

Thanks to 30,000 people who signed petitions & thousands who rallied over the last few weeks packing Queen's Park & City Hall again & again — City Council voted to stand up to Ford and take him to court.

The fight against Ford's Bill 5 isn't over, but tonight, let's share our win. 

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Chip in $15 today to help Progress Toronto continue our work defending Toronto from Ford and building a more progressive city: progresstoronto.ca/donate

The vote on the motion for the City of Toronto to challenge Doug Ford's Bill 5 in court passed 27 to 15. Below you can see how the vote broke down. City Councillors highlighted in green voted for the legal challenge.

Doug Ford’s Bill 5, which gerrymanders our wards and slashes City Council in half in the middle of an election, was rushed through Queen’s Park by Ford’s majority government. 

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And now, because thousands of us took action, the City of Toronto voted to throw their full weight into this legal challenge. That means we have our best chance of winning the legal case against Ford's undemocratic Bill 5.

The City and a number of citizens, candidates and experts are are all taking part in the legal case. The hearing is scheduled for Friday August 31, 2018.

More to come soon!

Thank you again for taking action and standing up to Ford