This is our chance to stop Mammoliti

This election is our chance to finally unelect Mammoliti. That’s why we’re on the ground delivering thousands of flyers in English, Italian, and Spanish to swing polls in Humber River—Black Creek. We’re making sure voters know his record and that on October 22, they should not vote for Giorgio Mammoliti.

We need to raise $3,500 for our third party campaign to print flyers and make sure voters know the truth about Mammoliti and we only have days left.

Chip in $20 to our Election Fund today to help stop Mammoliti.

We have registered with the city as a third party campaign and are working to raise $35,000 total for our election fund so we can win in key races. See our full list of target wards here.

A few reasons why we must unseat Mammoliti

Mammoliti has called his constituents cockroaches [1], appears on ultra-right website Rebel Media [2], and is under active police investigation for a questionable land deal [3] in his ward. He has also taken $275,000 in personal loans from developers [4], and he brazenly benefitted from a fundraiser with lobbyists that netted him $80,000 for personal use [5] and was caught by the Integrity Commissioner for violating the Code of Conduct.[6]

All of this and Mammoliti has the worst attendance record on City Council; he doesn’t even show up for work half the time.[7]

When Mammoliti does show up he has one of the most regressive voting records on council. When Rob Ford was mayor, Mammoliti voted with Ford more than 90% of the time.[8]

Giorgio Mammoliti has voted to:

Having held public office for more than 30 years, Mammoliti is way past his best before date.

Progress Toronto is registered as a "third-party advertiser" during this election campaign. Provincial election law prohibits any donor from giving more than $1,200 to a single “third-party” campaign, along with giving more than a total of $5,000 to all “third-party” campaign operating in the same municipality. 
This $5,000 limit does not apply toward contributions to campaigns for mayor, city councillor or school board trustee.
The following entities may contribute to a third-party campaign:
  • Individuals normally residing in Ontario Corporations carrying on business in Ontario
  • Trade unions that hold bargaining rights for employees in Ontario.
For more information, visit the City of Toronto’s third-party advertiser webpage or contact Michael Kushnir at
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