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On Monday August 20, Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council are voting on whether or not to take Premier Ford to court to stop his reckless interference in Toronto's 2018 election.

Ford’s Bill 5 gerrymanders our wards and slashes City Council in half in the middle of an election. This unprecedented attack on Toronto must be stopped.

Never before in our history has a government stepped into the middle of an election and changed the rules just weeks before voters go to the polls.

We can't let Ford get away with this. 

Tell Mayor Tory and City Council to vote in favour of a legal challenge on Monday.

If we can get thousands of people over the next few days to take action, we will win this vote at City Council. Then the City of Toronto will join on to the legal challenge and will make the legal case against Ford's undemocratic and unprecedented Bill 5 even stronger.

Send your email to Tory and then share this action online.

Scroll down to see key messages you can copy and paste into your email to Mayor Tory and City Council.

Key messages you can add to your letter

Below are points that you can copy and paste into your email to Tory. You can also write your own!

Mayor Tory, no matter how you feel about the number of Councillors, it is fundamentally undemocratic to change the election rules in the middle of the election. Please stand up for Toronto with a legal challenge.

I know you have great influence over how councillors vote on critical matters. Please use your political leadership to encourage other councillors to vote with you and stand up for our city.

I’m pleased to see that you have publicly opposed Bill 5. Now we need action. Please use every tool, including legal challenges, to stop this undemocratic legislation from moving forward. 

Mayor Tory, I need you to be a strong leader and stand up for Toronto by taking Doug Ford to court. This is our city and our election — Bill 5 must be stopped.

Our city just went through a two year process to make sure everyone in Toronto is equally represented. Now, Premier Ford wants to unilaterally put in place a ward system that is grossly unfair, leaving some neighbourhoods with less representation. City Hall must take Ford to court. On Monday, vote to stop Ford with a legal challenge of Bill 5.