Help us fight Ford’s cuts to schools!

This year, the Ford government rolled out their plans for our education system and it was devastating for students. The changes to class sizes will mean over 1,300 fewer teachers in Toronto schools - 800 in highschools in the TDSB alone [1].

We have a plan to fight back against these cuts and need your help raising just $5,000 to cover the costs of flyers, printed petitions, online petition tools, digital phone banks, and online ads promoting the petition. Can we count on you to chip in?


We’re focused on 6 key conservative-held ridings in Toronto. We are knocking on doors and phoning residents in these ridings to get them to put pressure on their PC MPPs to stop Ford’s cuts. Putting pressure on Ford works!

We’re raising just $5,000 to help cover the costs of:

  • flyers to use while knocking on doors and tabling at events

  • printed petition to the Ontario Legislative Assembly

  • online e-mail petition tool

  • digital phone bank tools that help patch people through to their MPP directly!

  • targeted online ads promoting the online petition

Will you help us by chipping in a few dollars?

Public pressure on Ford works.

We can’t let these cuts to public education go unchecked. He left class sizes for full day kindergarten and grades 1-3 alone because of the strong opposition to cuts. Now we need to defend students in grades 4 through high school.  

We need your help to run the campaign to fight Ford’s cuts

What we’re fighting to stop:

  • 1,300 Fewer Teachers -  because of cuts to funding, Toronto students will lose over 1,300 teachers in schools across the city, with 800 teachers lost in TDSB high schools alone [1].

  • Bigger classes in Grades 4-12 - the Ford government is increasing class sizes to 24 or more students in grades 4-8 and 28 students in grades 9-12 [2].

  • Replacing in-person learning with online classes - the province will require each high school student to do 4 of their courses online [1]. This is almost 15% of all classes high school students take. Studies show that online courses undermine learning, especially among the most vulnerable students [3].

  • Reducing the number and range of courses offered to high school students - to make do with an average of 8 fewer teachers per Toronto school, schools will have to cut the number and range of courses they offer because there simply won’t be enough teachers to deliver a full set of courses [1].

  • Less Support for Students Who Need it Most - For students who are struggling, access to their teachers and the courses that meet their needs are essential. These cuts will hit vulnerable students the hardest [1].

To stop these cuts, we need to help as many people as possible contact Premier Ford, his Education Minister and Conservative MPPs and tell them they are opposed to cuts to education. That’s how we can make MPPs speak out in Ford’s caucus and reverse these cuts. Help us organize on-the-ground and online to tell Ford no cuts to schools.

We are also happy to receive your gift by cheque; please make your cheque out to Progress Toronto and send it to:

Progress Toronto
202-1179 King Street West
Toronto, ON
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If you have any questions please email is at