Tell City Council to stand strong against Ford’s subway takeover

This week, the Mayor and City Council will be voting on Ford’s proposed subway takeover and whether or not to open negotiations up to the public and stop them from happening behind closed doors.

The Mayor and City Council are feeling the pressure from Ford’s government. That’s why they need to hear from you. Use our email petition to send a message today.

Taking action works. In December, when thousands of people took action through Progress Toronto’s petition, the Mayor and City Council took a formal position against the TTC upload. We need to act again now to encourage City Council to stand strong and vote to have a public information campaign to include all Torontonians.

The negotiations on the TTC’s future are happening now - behind closed doors. And while Doug Ford and his team are releasing videos and ads to put his spin on his subway takeover, the City of Toronto is essentially silent. The Mayor and the City can vote this week to keep the public informed about the consequences of a provincial subway upload and to open up this decision to you and all Torontonians.

A provincial takeover of our subway is a bad idea. Our subway will end up being run like all of Metrolinx’s (provincially run) other transit systems - even more expensive fares, no public input, no transparency, no accountability.

To make matters worse, we have no reason to believe Doug Ford would do a good job with our subway. When Rob Ford was mayor and ran transit in Toronto we saw service cuts, cancelled transit expansion projects across the city, and declines in ridership growth. Doug Ford running the TTC from Queen’s Park won’t improve the TTC.

Mayor Tory and City Council have already made clear - they oppose the province taking over Toronto’s subway [1]. At the City Council Meeting this week, they need to vote to stand strong in this opposition and to open up the decision on the future of the TTC to the public.

Use our petition to tell Mayor Tory and your local councillor that you support City Council’s opposition to Ford’s subway takeover and that you want the City to counter Ford’s information campaign with our own, and include Torontonians in this decision on the future of the TTC.