Stand Up for Our City

The Ford Government has announced plans to cut public health, education, child care and transit, reducing access to services and making life less affordable in our city.

Polls show the Province’s cuts to public services are unpopular, and Premier Ford’s support is falling as a result [1]. People want a premier who invests in our city, not one who makes deep cuts to services we rely on.

Tell Premier Ford and your MPP it’s time to stop the cuts and invest in our city.

What the Province’s cuts could mean for our city:

Public Health [2]:

  • Student breakfast & lunch programs cut

  • Daycare & long-term care home inspections cut

  • Emergency response to outbreaks like SARS & H1N1 cut

  • Dental clinics closed

  • Vaccination programs cut

Education [3]:

  • Increasing class sizes to up to 40 students

  • 1,000 fewer adults in TDSB schools

  • Fewer course choices for students

  • Funding for school repairs cut

  • Fewer supports for vulnerable students

Child Care [4]:

  • $50 million in cuts to child care this year

  • The loss of over 6,000 affordable child care spaces

  • Rising costs for all parents & guardians

  • Longer waits for affordable spaces

Public Transit [5]:

  • Cutting $1 billion for day-to-day operations over 10 years

  • Fewer repairs to aging transit infrastructure

  • Higher transit fares

  • Less reliable service

Use our tool to tell your MPP and Premier Ford to stop the planned and future cuts to public health, education, child care, and transit, and instead invest in strengthening these services and a city that works for everyone.

Want to chip in to help us cover the costs of this campaign? We’re knocking on doors and tabling at events to talk to residents across Toronto to put pressure on Ford. Chip in $5 today to the Stop Ford Fund to help us cover basic costs:

[2] Source: Toronto Public Health documents from the Chair of the Board of Health