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As Premier, Doug Ford has been obsessed with dismantling our city. He’s made cuts to Toronto schools, child care, public health, transit, and services for those most in need.

Every step of the way Progress Toronto has been helping people fight back against these cuts. It’s working. Ford even paused his own cuts to public health after we helped over 15,000 people voice their opposition.

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How We’re Stopping Ford

  • Stopping the Massive Cuts to Public Health: Progress Toronto helped 15,000 people send a message to Ford and Members of Provincial Parliament. Our online tool, phone patch-throughs, and door-knocking put pressure on Ford and Conservative MPPs - and it worked. Ford reversed his cuts to public health for 2019.

  • Stopping the Cuts to Education: Progress Toronto is knocking on doors and making calls every week to talk to people about Ford’s devastating cuts to education. Over 8,500 people have used our tools to send a message to Ford and their MPPs - and we’re still going. We’re keeping the pressure on to stop the cuts to education.

  • Demanding City Council stand up for Toronto and fight Ford’s transit takeover: 7,500 people used our tools to send a message to Mayor Tory and City Council to stand up for Toronto’s transit system - and it worked. City Council took a stand and is fighting Ford’s attempt to takeover our subway and transit planning.

When people come together and take action, we win. Progress Toronto helps make it easy for people to contact their elected representatives, to volunteer in their communities, and to be a part of the fight to stand up for Toronto and stop Doug Ford.