Thank you! 

Thank you for taking action and asking Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council to stop Ford’s TTC Grab.

To win Thursday's vote at City Council — to make sure the city votes no to handing over the TTC —  we need to get as many people as possible to contact the mayor and council.


You can send people directly to our website here:

Put the pressure on — call your councillor or the mayor

TTCriders has made it easy for you to call your councillor. They have a script and your councillor’s phone number ready for you!  Visit to call your councillor today.

Join us for the rally to save the TTC!

This Thursday, Toronto City Council is meeting and will decide whether they want to stand up for Toronto and save the TTC from Ford.  

Join us at 12:30p.m. on Thursday December 13, outside City Hall (100 Queen Street West) as we rally to save the TTC. Find out more here.


Chip in to help us continue standing up to Ford