Progress Training Fund

To build a more progressive Toronto, we need hundreds of community leaders and volunteers organizing across the city.  Give to the Progress Training Fund today.

Conservatives like Doug Ford are bringing in unpopular cuts that deepen inequalities and further set back the next generation in Toronto. To get away with this, conservatives depend on people being disconnected from decision-making.

With hundreds of people trained to respond and make it easier for tens of thousands to take action, conservatives like Doug Ford won’t get away with it. 

That’s our vision and that’s why we’re committed to running a suite of training programs that will help hundreds of Torontonians learn more about how to organize and influence decision-making locally between and during elections.

Invest in our training fund to help us train hundreds of community leaders and organizers across the city. If you can, consider making it a monthly contribution to the training fund.

We’ve broken down the training programs more for you below. We’re trying to raise $50,000 to cover basic costs (e.g. honorariums, space bookings, snacks, and our organizers’ time). 

We’ve proven that we can change even the most conservative politician’s vote by talking with people in their electoral districts about conservative choices and progressive solutions - and then making it easy for those people to take action.

The more people trained to organize, the more people we can reach and help to take action. That’s why we are invested in building capacity, skills, and networks among progressive Torontonians committed to building a better city. 

That means we’re investing time and resources into training programs that provide opportunities to learn more about local government and decision-making, how to knock on doors and how to organize your own door-to-door canvasses and phone banks, how to make a deputation at city hall or meet with local politicians, even how to do an FOI and analyse the lobbyist registry, and more!

We always take the time to invest in our volunteers when they join us for door-knocking, phone banks or other advocacy work. In addition to this, we have three training programs where people can level-up their skills: 

  • Seasonal Training Series: This training series allows you to attend any (or all) 2-3 hour sessions that interest you most. Topics include: how to knock on doors and phone bank, how to organize your own door canvass or phone bank, and how to build your personal narrative to better relate to people and motivate people to action. Check out our Summer Training Series here:

  • Progress Fellows: Through this 12-16 week program, Fellows will commit 15 hours per week to participate in in-house training and in-the-field organizing. Fellows will learn from our Organizers and apply the learnings directly in communities across Toronto. Plus, Fellows will have the opportunity to meet community leaders, other organizers, and local politicians. The Progress Training Fund will help us provide honorariums to Progress Fellows - so that there isn’t a financial barrier to participation. 

  • Organizing to Win: This is our annual training event followed by a party where people can learn and network - building community and skills. 

We are committed to helping people become even better at organizing for progressive change in their communities. That’s why we offer all of our training programs for free - because cost should never be a barrier to entry.

We are also working to fundraise enough to be able to offer honorariums to our Progress Fellows, who will be dedicating significant time to the program and might be doing so in place of part-time work. 

That’s why we’ve launched our Progress Training Fund. We’re hoping to raise $50,000 to help us run our seasonal training series, the Progress Fellows program and host our Organizing to Win event. 

Your contribution will help cover the costs of:

  • Seasonal training series workshops

  • Space to host trainings 

  • Course materials

  • Honorariums for Progress Fellows

  • Food and snacks for trainings

  • Our Organizers’ time

  • And more!

Invest in the Progress Training Fund today. If you have any questions, please email Saman Tabasinejad at