Tell Ford: No Cuts to Schools

The Ford Government has announced plans to devastate public education by ballooning class sizes, removing thousands of teachers from classrooms, forcing online classes onto students, and cutting programs for the most vulnerable students.

On Thursday April 11 Premier Ford announced his budget - which includes these cuts - but he says he wants to hear from you about his plan. Now is our chance to put the pressure on his MPPs and Government to stop these planned cuts to education before they’re implemented.

Sign our petition to send a message to your MPP, Ford, and the Education Minister. Join the tens of thousands of students, parents, guardians, and concerned residents across Toronto and Ontario who are saying “no cuts to schools”.

What Ford’s education cuts will mean for Toronto:

  • Ballooning classes for Grades 4 to 12, with as many as 40 students in one class

  • Taking students out of the classroom with 4 mandatory online courses in high school

  • Taking 1,300 educators out of Toronto classrooms

  • Cutting $100 million in school repairs

  • Cutting $25 million in Education Programs (EPO) grants that specifically benefit at-risk youth, including Indigenous and racialized students

  • Cutting funding for autistic children and students

  • Reducing course choices for students, losing arts and vocational classes

Hundreds of thousands of people have been rallying, protesting, and signing petitions across Ontario. Ford’s conservative MPPs are feeling the pressure and we want to make sure Toronto MPPs know their constituents do not support these cuts.

A flood of emails directly to Ford and the MPPs, using our tool, could convince them to speak up within their caucuses and convince Ford and Lisa Thompson to hit the brakes on these drastic cuts to public education.

This has worked before. Ford has backed out of his devastating plans this year when he’s felt pressure from his MPPs and heard huge public backlash. Keep up the pressure now.

Use our form to send a message straight to your MPP, Trustee, the Education Minister, and Doug Ford himself. Let them know you expect them to say no to cuts education when they release their budget. Let’s give students what they need to succeed.

Want to chip in to help us cover the costs of this campaign? We’re knocking on doors and making calls to talk to residents in conservative ridings in Toronto to put pressure on Ford. Chip in $5 today to help cover the costs of flyers, petitions, and our phonebank: