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Help get others to take action: We need local MPPs and the Premier to hear from as many residents as possible who are opposed to the cuts. That’s how we can put the pressure on Premier Ford to get him to stop these cuts to public health, education, child care, and transit.

Ford has backed out of his devastating plans this year when he’s felt pressure from his MPPs and heard the huge public backlash. Help your community stand up for our city.

You can also send people this link to take action here:

Want to do more? We’re knocking on doors, making calls and tabling at community events to fight these cuts. Email to help out!

Chip in $10 to the Stop Ford Fund

As Premier, Doug Ford has been obsessed with dismantling our city. Every step of the way, Progress Toronto has been helping fight back against these cuts. We need your help to fund the tools we use to help people take action to stop Doug Ford’s cuts and win.