Volunteer: 3 Days Left!


We've got only a few days left until election day and we need your help to make the difference!  Can you help out by joining us in phoning voters? Sign up here: progresstoronto.ca/shift

Phone from our office in support of amazing candidates

We are looking for 30 more volunteers to join us at our office this weekend and we would love it if one of them is you!

We are phoning a targeted list of residents to identify support for progressive candidates in key wards. Then on Monday we'll be getting them out to vote!

We make phoning easy with training, a script, and a list of people who are most likely to vote for the candidates we are supporting. You can sign up to phone for a few hours here: progresstoronto.ca/shift

On Saturday we are phoning voters between 12pm-6pm and on Sunday 11am-9pm.

We did it! Over 700 people gave and we raised the $35,000 we need to run our election campaign. If you'd like to donate, please give to incredible candidates like Amber Morley running to stop Mark Grimes and Siham Rayale running for the Toronto District School Board. See a full list here

Help out on Election Day!

Join us as we work to increase progressive voter turnout. On Monday October 22 from 9:30am-8pm, we will be phoning voters to make sure they have what they need to vote.  

The more progressive voters we get out to vote, the more likely we are to help elect a progressive city council and school board.

Sign up here to help on Election Day.


How we're making the difference

Thanks to 700 donors, in only a few weeks we raised the $35,000 we needed to do the work that is making the difference in this election.

Right now (as we write this email) we have more than 20 volunteers handing out thousands of our truth flyers in swing polls across the city! Our flyers, printed in four languages, hold councillors like Giorgio Mammoliti and Mark Grimes accountable for their record on city council.

And they are making the difference in this election. We've hand delivered more than 30,000 to households in key races and are delivering thousands more today and tomorrow.

We are running highly targeted social media ads for progressive school board and council candidates. These ads are helping to boost name recognition for new candidates.

And we've phoned tens of thousands of voters to identify support for incredible progressive candidates and help get progressive voters to the polls on election day.

We have thousands of phone calls left to make and we would love your help! Can you volunteer for 3 hours this weekend and/or on election day? Sign up for a shift here.

Do you have what you need to vote on Monday? Visit myvote.toronto.ca to find out where and when to vote and let us know if you have any questions. 

Be sure to check out our full election action plan to see the wards we are working in and how we will win. See our full election action plan here.

The team at Progress Toronto!