The New Term of Council

This is an exciting week in local politics! It is the beginning of the new term of city council and the school board. Councillors and trustees are being sworn in and decision-making processes are being set up!

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Today, marks the first meeting of Toronto city council. It’s largely ceremonial. But tomorrow, the hard work begins.

Over the next week and a half, councillors and the mayor are dealing with the fall out of Ford’s slashing of city council. There are now only 25 councillors where there used to be 44. That means there aren’t enough councillors to fill all of the committees, agencies, and boards across the city and the decision-making structure of the city needs to be changed.  

In other words, they are changing how Torontonians can have a say between elections.

Changing how decisions are made, how public appointments happen, where our elected representatives can be heard, and most importantly, the number of opportunities for public input, is one of the biggest decisions councillors will make this term.

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