State Of The Race


This week we are expecting to see many more people register to run for Toronto city council and the school board. We may even see some candidates who recently ran (and lost) in the provincial election put their names forward. 

That's why we made a little interactive map of the state of the city council races for you to check out here.

As of this morning: 

  • 103 people are registered to run for 48 spots on council

  • 10 for mayor and 93 for councillor

  • 25 of 45ish people currently elected (incumbents) have registered

  • 5 wards have no candidates

  • 1 ward has 7 candidates!

And with Doug Ford as Premier the Toronto District School Board elections are arguably more important than ever. We need a progressive team of school board trustees to fend off Ford’s agenda for our schools. 

So far 36 candidates have registered to run for TDSB trustee to fill the 22 spots on the school board. This includes 5 incumbent trustees. Two of the TDSB wards do not have any candidates (yet). 

As you know, in this election we will be working to get new progressive champions elected in key city council and school board races across Toronto. 

Are you committed to electing a progressive city council and school board?

Commit to vote for progress and we will make sure you know the progressive champions to support and where, when, and how you can vote:

The City officially closes candidate registration for city council and the school board on July 27, 2018. You can find out which candidates have already registered to run in your ward here: 

Over the coming weeks and months we will:

  • Build our progressive voting bloc

  • Survey you to help define our top priorities going into this election

  • Determine the wards we will focus on and launch our process for choosing registered candidates

  • Choose the progressive candidates we’ll be supporting after the City’s candidate registration closes this summer