Help Stop Mammoliti


We are working hard to unseat Mammoliti — one of Toronto's worst city councillors. 
We’re making sure voters know Mammoliti's record. We have organized teams of volunteers delivering thousands of these truth flyers in English, Italian, and Spanish to swing polls in Humber River—Black Creek.

Now we have only 10 days left to finally send Mammoliti packing and we need to raise $3,500 to get more materials printed and delivered to voters. Can you chip in $20 to our election fund to help stop Mammoliti?

And! This Sunday October 14 at 11am we have a mass flyer drop to stop Mammoliti. Please join us. You can get the details and RSVP for the flyer drop to stop Mammoliti here 

You can also RSVP on Facebook and share the event to invite your friends to join us. The more people we have on Sunday, the more voters we can reach. 

With Doug Ford slashing city council in half, each race has become twice as important, especially this one. This election is the best chance we’ve had to defeat Mammoliti in years, but we need your help.

Click here to chip in $20 now and help send Giorgio Mammoliti packing:

We’ve included a round up of some of the top reasons we need to stop Mammoliti. Scroll down for more!

And be sure to check out our full election action plan to see the wards we are working in and how we will win. See our full election action plan here.

Why we need to stop Mammoliti 

We have a serious round up of the top reasons Mammoliti must be stopped. I've included some of it below. Check out our full profile on Humber River—Black Creek to find out more. 

Mammoliti has called his constituents cockroaches [1], appears on ultra-right website Rebel Media [2], and is under active police investigation for a questionable land deal [3] in his ward. He has also taken $275,000 in personal loans from developers [4], and he brazenly benefitted from a fundraiser with lobbyists that netted him $80,000 for personal use [5] and was caught by the Integrity Commissioner for violating the Code of Conduct.[6]

All of this and Mammoliti has the worst attendance record on City Council; he doesn’t even show up for work half the time.[7]

When Mammoliti does show up he has one of the most regressive voting records on council. When Rob Ford was mayor, Mammoliti voted with Ford more than 90% of the time.[8]

Giorgio Mammoliti has voted to:

  • Support the anti-Black and racist practice of carding and street checks [9]

  • Cut bus service [10] and voted against reliable [10] TTC service

  • Stop the expansion [11] of affordable child care spaces [12] and even voted against adding 264 childcare spaces [13] despite thousands on waiting lists and the provincial government picking up the tab

  • Delay desperately needed road safety plans [14]

  • Close a library [15] and cut library funding [16]

  • Increase user fees for recreation programs [17] making it harder for kids to access city facilities

  • Cut funding [18] for tenant support and voted against holding bad landlords accountable with landlord licensing [19]

  • Oppose a hand gun ban and gun control in Toronto despite rising gun violence [20]

  • Sell-off public housing units [21] even though over 180,000 people are on the waiting list for affordable housing

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